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Favourite Fours: Mike Martin

Mike Martin is definitely one of our favourites. Effortless, stylish, fun loving and hilarious are the first 4 things that come into my mind when Mike Martin is discussed, here are the first 4 things that come into his mind on some various topics.


4 Favourite Australian related board graphics?

1. Brophy ‘Manchild’. Classic goofball, makes me laugh.

2. Lewis Marnell ‘fruit face’. Bananas wearing sunglasses! (Miss you lewis)

3. The 4 ‘foozball’ series. Finding things to stick our face stickers on was so funny.

4. The 4 ‘mini shaka’ series. Mini shakas are hilarious, but sometimes necessary.

4 Favourite ginger skateboarders?

1. Div Adams. Shredder of the Scottish rawness.

2. James Whineray. Casual steeze with a sweet bag of tricks.

3. Ben Baretto. Thinks outside the box and hits it fast.

4. Weiger Van weiningn… You know who I mean.


 4 Favourite Ice-Creams? 

1. Golden Gaytime. Yeah yeah haha but it is soooo good.

2. Maxibon. One of my first jobs as a kid was taste testing products. I got to taste Maxibon flavours that never appeared. Been hooked ever since.

3. Paddle pop. Can’t beat the classics.

4. Bubble o bill. Ice cream and bubble gum, genius!

4 Favourite pushes?

1. HUF. The man. If you don’t know, learn.

2. Morgs. I can never keep up with him. Real inspiration.

3. Nick Boserio. Wild man on wheels, pure entertainment.

4. Gino. Style for miles and control for days.


Pole-Jam Photo: Malfa

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