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Morgan Campbell Favourite Four’s

4 best chalkies

1) Barcelonetta banks, Spain (They are those helicopter seeds, perfectly designed chalkie).

2) Belconnen skatepark, Canberra. I hit a rock on approach to the trannie mannie and slide for at least 20 metres on my side.

3) Ballbearing ball in Ballarat, Melbourne which catapulted me into the side of a quarter as I appraoced the channel for an ollie. Swear I nearly died.

4) The Kebabislide in London, England.


4 favourite banks

1) Barcelonetta Banks, Barcelona, Spain.

2) The White Bank in Lyon, France.

3) Gary Brown Banks, Glasgow (RIP).

4) Demon Dam, Armadale, WA.

morgan olie to 5-0 fakie

4 gnarliest tricks you have seen in real life

1) Danny Way 360 the great wall of China in 2005.

2) Jeff Skunk Williams switch 50/50 down the Melville High triple kink in 1999.

3) Kye Stanley switch ollie down John XXIII in 1995.

4) Neil Smith nollie heel into Melton Drains big bank in 2006.

morgan nosemanual

4 longest blunts

1) Perth skatepark, Scotland

2) Bulleen snake run, Melbourne

3)Seoul, Korea

4) Lisbon, Portugal

Morgan’s Favourite 4 Blunts from peter harris on Vimeo.

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Secky Presh Online

Check Casey Foley’s footage from Geoff Campbell’s classic Melbourne scene video “Secky Presh” which has only recently been put online.

Geoffs newer video “Cunnies Box” is still available for purchase here and is a must see.

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