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Hex Series

4_Hex__Colour_Series_Flyer-1New colour ways of our Hex Series are now in stores. Get involved while they last.

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WA Am Titles

The WA leg of Skateboarding Australia’s Am titles went down over the weekend. Eugene Stewart killed it just missing the finals and Harry took it out. Good work guys. Heres some photos. Hit here for more info.


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Four Family Vacation

8 days of quality time spent skateboarding in Melbourne and Adelaide with the 4 family.

The 4 Family Vacation from The 4 Skateboard Company on Vimeo.

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Jason Morey Website


One of our favourite photographers Jason Morey has updated his website with an array of new photos. Mike, Morgan and Ducky all have a photo or two in the mix. Check it out here.

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Nike SB Waterloo Demo

Harry Clark sneaked a trick into NIKE SB Waterloo Demo edit before destroying his ankle about 5 minutes afterwards.

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Favourite Fours: Mike Martin

Mike Martin is definitely one of our favourites. Effortless, stylish, fun loving and hilarious are the first 4 things that come into my mind when Mike Martin is discussed, here are the first 4 things that come into his mind on some various topics.


4 Favourite Australian related board graphics?

1. Brophy ‘Manchild’. Classic goofball, makes me laugh.

2. Lewis Marnell ‘fruit face’. Bananas wearing sunglasses! (Miss you lewis)

3. The 4 ‘foozball’ series. Finding things to stick our face stickers on was so funny.

4. The 4 ‘mini shaka’ series. Mini shakas are hilarious, but sometimes necessary.

4 Favourite ginger skateboarders?

1. Div Adams. Shredder of the Scottish rawness.

2. James Whineray. Casual steeze with a sweet bag of tricks.

3. Ben Baretto. Thinks outside the box and hits it fast.

4. Weiger Van weiningn… You know who I mean.


 4 Favourite Ice-Creams? 

1. Golden Gaytime. Yeah yeah haha but it is soooo good.

2. Maxibon. One of my first jobs as a kid was taste testing products. I got to taste Maxibon flavours that never appeared. Been hooked ever since.

3. Paddle pop. Can’t beat the classics.

4. Bubble o bill. Ice cream and bubble gum, genius!

4 Favourite pushes?

1. HUF. The man. If you don’t know, learn.

2. Morgs. I can never keep up with him. Real inspiration.

3. Nick Boserio. Wild man on wheels, pure entertainment.

4. Gino. Style for miles and control for days.


Pole-Jam Photo: Malfa

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Casey Foley


Casey Foleys ghost hopping rails,dodging cars in New York. Photo: Nick Anderson

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CaseyFoley_Fs180_Morey-940x625Head to Manual Magazine and vote for Casey Foley for New Zealand Skate of the Year and Best Part.

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Morgan Campbell Slam 197


Slam 197 is out, it contains their list of Australia’s 25 most influential skateboarders which includes. Jason Morey uploaded this picture of Morgan from this issue, but get to your local newsagent or skateshop as the stories of the top 25 influential Australian skateboarders is a must read for any skateboarder young or old

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Blacklisted Re-Edit

Dylan Brunz put together this re-edit of some of Eugene and Harry’s footage from his 2013 video Blacklisted. Head to your local skate shop and get a copy of “Blacklisted” to see more.

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