The 4 Skateboard Company

Casey Foley

Four Family Vacation

8 days of quality time spent skateboarding in Melbourne and Adelaide with the 4 family.

The 4 Family Vacation from The 4 Skateboard Company on Vimeo.

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Casey Foley


Casey Foleys ghost hopping rails,dodging cars in New York. Photo: Nick Anderson

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CaseyFoley_Fs180_Morey-940x625Head to Manual Magazine and vote for Casey Foley for New Zealand Skate of the Year and Best Part.

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Ducky’s Favourite Fours

casey-foley-the-4-skateboard-company-portrait-favourite-foursWe sat down with  Casey “Ducky” Foley to find out some of his favourite fours, have a read then check out his new part released through NikeSB x Manual Magazine.

4 favourite lines:

1) Henry Sanchez. 3rd and Army. Sight Unseen. BS 180 fakie 50-Cab back tail-switch blunt-fs 180 fakie manual.

2) Any old Quim Cardona lines. He could just do 5050s and half cabs and make it look amazing.

3) Jason Dill-Photosynthesis, NYC line with the Fakie front shuv over the barrier.

4)Zered Bassett, Vicious Cycle. 3 downhill    road gaps in a row. Serious shit.

4 fav NZ Skateboarders

1) Tom Snape

2) Geoff Campbell

3) Adrian Vercoe

4) All the Kiwis I Skate with in Melbourne.

4 fav skateboarding rappers

1) PW ESQUIRE (Pat Washington) in Got Gold

2) Quim Cardona

3) Jereme Rodgers because he fucked 1000 bitches

4) A drunken Colin Evans (COLOGNE)

4 memorable sessions:

1) Summer days at Lincoln square. Like 20 of us listening to Ben Harriss’s ghetto blaster just skating all day and hanging out. Pinnacle shit.

2) Callum Paul skating this bluestone downhill curb in Melbourne CBD. Callum was going mach 10 down the hill, dodged a moving car by literally inches and fs slappy grinded straight away and bombed the rest of the hill.. It was one of the gnarliest things iv ever seen.

3) In Osaka, Japan at the World Park rail. Dane Burman, Kinsman, Gabbers, Bryce Golder and Tim Williams absolutely fucked up this rail. That shit is mind blowing to me.

4) I broke my ankle a few years ago and I got out of hospital opposite imax.
As soon as I got out I went to IMAX. All the boys were there with Beers and my mate Jagger had a joint for me. Everyone was absolutely killing it. It was the best shit after sitting in hospital for 4 days straight.


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Success Does Not Rest


Photo: Casey Foley, Philadelphia ’13

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East Coast

Harry Clark and Casey Foley pop up in Geoff Campbell’s latest clip from their adventure down the East Coast of America.

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Its Good to Be Fourth

4th Place from The 4 Skateboard Company on Vimeo.

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Look out for Casey Foley’s appearance in this Melbourne Montage filmed by Matt Beck.

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Cunnies Box Trailer

Cunnies Box-Trailer from on Vimeo.

Casey Foley has some amazing footage in Geoff Campbells newest production “Cunnies Box”

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Duckman has a dope appearance in this clip at Roxburg Skatepark from Hemley Skate Shop.

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