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Mike Martin

Introducing Louie Dodd

Introducing Louie Dodd from The 4 Skateboard Company on Vimeo.

We are hyped to welcome Louie Dodd to the crew! Filmed and edited by James Robertson

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Mike Martin

mike-martin-the-4-skate-skateboard-company-co-kickflip-fakieMike Martin blasting a Kickflip to fakie over the drain at the Brickworks in Melbourne from Issue #30 of The Skateboarders Journal. Photo : Jason Morey

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Buleen Bowl Jam


Mike Martin and Morgan Campbell will be shredding the refurbished Bulleen snake run This Saturday the 25th! If your in Melbourne be sure to make the effort as there is heaps of giveaways!

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Mike Martin: Sailboat Series


Krooked Grind Transfer at the local ghetto spot Photo: Casey Foley

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Mike Martin


Mike Martin getting trollied via Nike SB Australia.

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Four Family Vacation

Hitting the road with the family can yield surprising results. In this case everyone put up with thier fair amount of good and bad luck. We managed to hold it together and enjoy the good times and deal with the bad in a manner, which would make any parents proud. Each person on the trip played an important role in making this vacation one to remember.

The Experienced One


Morgan: Wally Howard Grinding down one of Melbourne famous yellow tram barriers.

Uncle Morgz (Morgan Campbell) has been on more than his fair share of skate missions. His experience is vital and he isn’t afraid to share his wealth of knowledge around with the younger members of the crew. His ability to mix having the best time ever and taking care of business is second to none, having that drive to do the best you can in any situation definitely inspires the younger generation to get busy.

morgan campbell impossible nosepick

Morgan: Fresh eyes at an old spot, Morgan takes a different route on this Impossible Nosepick at the Bunker Banks.


The Reliable One


Mike Spotted this Wally over an obscure bike rack at this famous Adelaide bank spot.

Mike Martin could be on the most reliable people we have ever met. When comes down to the crunch Mike will be there ripping on his board, driving the van and Oscar grinding his life away.
Mike did not complain at all when he created a tennis ball on the side of his knee, which again prematurely ended his trip skate wise, but still manned the wheel or attended to the esky.
When he is off the clock he is reliable in creating laughs. Mike is essential.

mike martin sw front board

Mike: Switch Frontside Boardslide.


The Menace

Eugene Stewart is a genius, somewhat of a retarded genius but genius nonetheless. He always up to something and has earn’t the nickname the menace from his antics, rather than anything to do with the 90s board brand.
Dealing with a bad bout of luck on this trip, whilst jumping a fence to retrieve Uncle Morgz’s board he manage to jump back over and roll his ankle on a hidden curb which took him out of skating for the rest of the trip. The menace’s good deeds punished with a rolled ankle, Karma were you at?


Eugene Stewart taking a break from the torture. Backside Smith Grind.


The Calm One

On arrival to Adelaide our less than accommodating host was highly-strung and highly suspicious of our 8-man posse rolling into his “serviced” apartments. Harry Clark just managed to keep up from being evicted before any bags were even in the rooms by this stressed out maniac. He was convinced our behaviour would mimic the last large group of men who passed through on their end of season footy trip when a carton of beers was being carried upstairs. The lack of “customer service” this guys displayed  could easily have made any man snap. Harry not known for the ability to hold his tongue, kept it together as did the whole posse for the rest of the trip.

harry-sw bigspin adelaide

Harry Clark keeps calm and Switch Bigspins.


The Speedy One

Ducky 5050 pop over

Ducky: A high risk 5050 pop over.

Casey Foley is a talented guy, inspired by hip hop, excelling in photography and straight no complies he is definitely on to look out for. We are always psyched to get to spend some quality time with him. Ducky powerhouses his way around spots, going much faster than need be, showing off his exquisite flat ground and usually finding somewhat of a different or better approach then most.


Casey has some quick feet, a few ollies heading upwards before Nollie Flipping to fakie.


The Unfortunate One.

Ricky Watt had a rough holiday. Whilst bombing a random car park at night  in Melbourne he managed to slam heavily, misalign a disc in his back and bruise some internal organs by hitting a curb whilst dodging a car.
Add in a bout of gastro in Adelaide from retrieving Uncle Morgzs board from a sess pit in an Adelaide drain spot (Morgan got sick a week later, the only other person to touch the contaminated board) it sums up his trip. He was happy to be away from home and even his bad situation couldn’t take the smile off his face, in between vomiting.

4_Adl_Trip_RickyRicky Watt: Post vomit Krooks to fakie.

All photos: Jason Morey. Moey was obsessed by the double banana. A freak of nature that yields 2 bananas in one skin. Moey is also a freak of nature behind the lens and on a skateboard, with many people agreeing he is better then most sponsored skateboarders in the land. Thanks for shooting and ripping Moey.

Our man behind the lens Geoff Campbell managed to slip out on a stair grind and head-butt the floor on the last day before 12am, definatly the heaviest slam I have ever seen taken before midday. Geoff managed to split his lip and copped a good old fashioned black eye. After seeing such a fall the entire posse gave Geoff a pass to chill for the day, he just drank a few beers and kept skating and filming deep into the night. Thank for all your hard work Geoff.

The 4 Family Vacation from The 4 Skateboard Company on Vimeo.

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Mike and Ducky

CaseyFoley_Nosegrind_Morey-the-4-skateboard-company MikeMartin_Wallride_Morey-the-4-skateboard-company

Jason Morey has a blog running on and posted a couple of oldies of Mike and Ducky. Check here for more of the goods.

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Four Family Vacation

8 days of quality time spent skateboarding in Melbourne and Adelaide with the 4 family.

The 4 Family Vacation from The 4 Skateboard Company on Vimeo.

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Jason Morey Website


One of our favourite photographers Jason Morey has updated his website with an array of new photos. Mike, Morgan and Ducky all have a photo or two in the mix. Check it out here.

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Favourite Fours: Mike Martin

Mike Martin is definitely one of our favourites. Effortless, stylish, fun loving and hilarious are the first 4 things that come into my mind when Mike Martin is discussed, here are the first 4 things that come into his mind on some various topics.


4 Favourite Australian related board graphics?

1. Brophy ‘Manchild’. Classic goofball, makes me laugh.

2. Lewis Marnell ‘fruit face’. Bananas wearing sunglasses! (Miss you lewis)

3. The 4 ‘foozball’ series. Finding things to stick our face stickers on was so funny.

4. The 4 ‘mini shaka’ series. Mini shakas are hilarious, but sometimes necessary.

4 Favourite ginger skateboarders?

1. Div Adams. Shredder of the Scottish rawness.

2. James Whineray. Casual steeze with a sweet bag of tricks.

3. Ben Baretto. Thinks outside the box and hits it fast.

4. Weiger Van weiningn… You know who I mean.


 4 Favourite Ice-Creams? 

1. Golden Gaytime. Yeah yeah haha but it is soooo good.

2. Maxibon. One of my first jobs as a kid was taste testing products. I got to taste Maxibon flavours that never appeared. Been hooked ever since.

3. Paddle pop. Can’t beat the classics.

4. Bubble o bill. Ice cream and bubble gum, genius!

4 Favourite pushes?

1. HUF. The man. If you don’t know, learn.

2. Morgs. I can never keep up with him. Real inspiration.

3. Nick Boserio. Wild man on wheels, pure entertainment.

4. Gino. Style for miles and control for days.


Pole-Jam Photo: Malfa

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