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Morgan Campbell


Check PA1 filmed by Quentin Guthrie aka @pertharms which features Harry Clark, Eugene Stewart, Chris Luu, Morgan Campbell, Casey Foley and Louie Dodd!

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Butter Goods “Irie”

Casey Foley and Morgan Campbell bring some heat in Butter Goods newest clip “Irie”

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Morgz in BFFS

Morgz pops up in the Behind the French Fred Scenes in Lyon via Thrasher Magazine

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hoddle grid


Morgan Campbell in Hoddle Grid’s Tram Barrier Zine with a Wally Howard Grind.

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Slam Skater of the Year


Head to to vote for Casey Foley in the Australian Skater of the Year. He is up for SOTY and best video part! Or was Louie Dodd’s part in Risky Business your favourite?

Also Vote for Morgan Campbell or the bossman Brett Margaritis for the Hall of Fame!



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Introducing Louie Dodd

Introducing Louie Dodd from The 4 Skateboard Company on Vimeo.

We are hyped to welcome Louie Dodd to the crew! Filmed and edited by James Robertson

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Morgan Campbell Archival Footage

Boans Warehouse Demo – Perth 1996 from morgan campbell on Vimeo.

Some archival footage of Morgan Campbell skating a demo in ’96 with Kalis, John ‘The Man’ Reeves, Freddy Gall, Matt Mumford, Laban Pheides and AJ Mueller

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Buleen Bowl Jam


Mike Martin and Morgan Campbell will be shredding the refurbished Bulleen snake run This Saturday the 25th! If your in Melbourne be sure to make the effort as there is heaps of giveaways!

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Butter Goods – Indestructible from Butter Goods on Vimeo.

The new Butter Goods video “Indestructible” features Morgan Campbell and Casey Foley. Eugene Stewart, Harry Clark and Ricky Watt all pop up in the homies section of the video. Lots of good raw street skating in this one, make sure you have a watch!

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Morgan Campbell Favourite Four’s

4 best chalkies

1) Barcelonetta banks, Spain (They are those helicopter seeds, perfectly designed chalkie).

2) Belconnen skatepark, Canberra. I hit a rock on approach to the trannie mannie and slide for at least 20 metres on my side.

3) Ballbearing ball in Ballarat, Melbourne which catapulted me into the side of a quarter as I appraoced the channel for an ollie. Swear I nearly died.

4) The Kebabislide in London, England.


4 favourite banks

1) Barcelonetta Banks, Barcelona, Spain.

2) The White Bank in Lyon, France.

3) Gary Brown Banks, Glasgow (RIP).

4) Demon Dam, Armadale, WA.

morgan olie to 5-0 fakie

4 gnarliest tricks you have seen in real life

1) Danny Way 360 the great wall of China in 2005.

2) Jeff Skunk Williams switch 50/50 down the Melville High triple kink in 1999.

3) Kye Stanley switch ollie down John XXIII in 1995.

4) Neil Smith nollie heel into Melton Drains big bank in 2006.

morgan nosemanual

4 longest blunts

1) Perth skatepark, Scotland

2) Bulleen snake run, Melbourne

3)Seoul, Korea

4) Lisbon, Portugal

Morgan’s Favourite 4 Blunts from peter harris on Vimeo.

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