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Mike Martin: Sailboat Series


Krooked Grind Transfer at the local ghetto spot Photo: Casey Foley

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Sailboat Series


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Blacklisted Online

Dylan Bruns and Tyson Mays 2013 video “Blacklisted’ is now online. Keep an eye out for a bunch of Eugene Stewart, Harry Clark and Friends.

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Crossing the Perth Dimension

Harry Clark, Ricky Watt and Eugene Stewart all pop up in Magenta’s new video filmed by Josh Roberts! “Crossing the Perth Dimension”

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Mike Martin


Mike Martin getting trollied via Nike SB Australia.

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Duckys Lost NYC Footage

Heres footage of Casey Foley from a NYC trip a couple of years ago which never saw the light of day. You can check the photos of the trip over at Manual Magazine.

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Eugene Stewart : The Curbside

eugene-stewart-the-4-skateboard-company-switch-ollie-the-curbsideEugene Stewart loves poppin tiles. Switch Ollie taken from The Curbside

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Dylan Bruns mid year throwaway

Casey Foley and Eugene Stewart appear in this “throwaway” edit by Dylan Bruns for

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Ducky Nollie Shuv

casey-foley-nollie-shuvit-the-4-skateboard-company-Jason Morey posted this photo of Ducky doing a Nollie Shuvit from 2012.

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Perth Arms

Chris-Luu-the-4-skateboard-company-perth-arms-quentin-guthrieVX1000 extraordinaire Quentin Gurthie has set up a tumblr showing some rad frame grabs from what he has/is working on. You may recognise his filming from our 4th Place clip last year. Go check it out here. This one is of Chris Luu poppin off in the City of Perth.

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